Founded in 1973, the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE) is comprised of 2,000+ members and 31 local chapters. SITE Chicago is the largest Chapter in the Midwest USA. Our members are incentive travel professionals who know from experience that incentive travel drives business results.  The SITE global member community, which represents 84 countries is on a mission to strengthen and inspire this extraordinary industry.

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SITE Chicago President

Lorraine Bellas, CIS, CITP


Taking the mantle as the incoming 2021 President for SITE Chicago is exciting and I know we are all anxious to start the New Year. We all are looking forward to a new beginning and hopefully an end to the tumultuousness of 2020. I want to take a moment to THANK not only our 2020 President of SITE Chicago, Colleen Brzozowski, but all of the 2020 Presidents of SITE around the world!


Navigating this year has been a tough experience for all of us, especially for those who were leading us as we struggled with uncertainty and change. They bravely continued to volunteer and be the message of hope while they too were dealing with their own issues – some managing their own companies and others who were furloughed or displaced.


I look forward to a fresh start and new possibilities in 2021. Recover, Rebuild, Rejuvenate and Reward will be our motto and these themes will be present in all of our Chapter activities.


I invite you all to participate in any way that you can so we can show our clients and colleagues alike that we do not give up and we are ready to do what it takes to make our industry strong.


2020 will not soon be forgotten but let us take the example of those who led us and choose to go into the New Year with courage and conviction! I know that I will do my very best to support you all and I thank you for the opportunity!



Lorraine Bellas, CIS, CITP


Regional Meetings & Incentive Groups Manager

Sandals and Beaches Resorts


Colleen Brzozowski, CIS, CITP

Immediate Past President & 2021-2023 SITE Global International Board of Directors



Rose Hippert, CIS, CITP

Director of Administration & President-Elect

Program Manager

Creative Group


Justin McCray

Co-Director of Media

Director of Sales and Marketing

Exceptional Stays


Marcella Zuniga, CIS, CITP

Co-Director of Media



Bonnie Coop, CIS, CITP

Director of Education

Senior Producer

Total Event Resources


Stephanie Wright, DMCP

Director of Events



Diane Murray, CMP, HMCC, CIS, CITP

Treasurer and Acting Secretary

Past President 2019




Lisa Crolius, CIS

Director of Membership

Senior Sales Executive

Westin Grand Cayman Resort


Alexandra Bakalis

Director of Young Leaders

Associate Event Manager

BCD Meetings & Events




As a member of Site Chicago since 2011, I just want to say how excited I am to participate with the Chapter since the revitalization within board and the membership in the last few years.  What this team has accomplished is amazing and I am so happy to be a part of this growth!


Regional Meetings & Incentive Groups Manager, Unique Vacations Inc.

My company, AlliedPRA, has 22 members in SITE Globally.  I knew my teams knew the benefits of SITE membership. There are so many great people involved with SITE and you get leads from both planners and other suppliers which is really nice.  It’s a great group to be affiliated with for sure and everyone helps each other out. An awesome cast of characters for sure.


DMCP Global Sales Director, AlliedPRA

The most important aspect acquired through membership in SITE is the range of reliable relationships in the incentive community.  SITE creates a valuable forum that has created great connection to partners in all areas that support the incentive market including, clients, DMC and airline partners as well as my counterparts in the hotel community.


Director of Incentive Sales, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Chicago, Illinois, USA

As a SITE member you get the opportunity to participate in educational sessions pertaining only to incentive travel, whether it’s planning, logistics, or the on-site experience. SITE is the only global authority connecting members to business leaders who are looking for improved performance. A member also develops a network of resources to help in all segments of their reward and recognition experience. Once business results are achieved, SITE helps to maintain the performances-based incentive culture.


Senior Manager, Marketing Services at GROWMARK, Inc., Bloomington, IL, USA

SITE Chicago has afforded me opportunities to improve my knowledge, grow my networks of industry contacts, and enhance my leadership skills.  I truly consider SITE Chicago to be family. Members support one another and acquaintances quickly become friends.  It’s important to get involved.  What you give to SITE is amplified and returned back to you in ways you’d never expect.


Creative Group

In all my years of attending various industry related organizations, I have found the SITE Chicago Chapter and their events fantastic. The events are in great places, the content and programs are relevant and timely, and most important - the members! Networking, introductions to one another, referals and actually talk real business! I hate missing a meeting!


Two Roads Hospitality

As a member of SITE Chicago since 2011, I just want to say how excited I am to participate with the Chapter since the revitalization within board and the membership in the last few years. What this team has accomplished is amazing and I am so happy to be a part of this growth! 


San Francisco Trravel

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