Founded in 1973, the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE) is comprised of 2,000+ members and 31 local chapters. SITE Chicago is the largest Chapter in the Midwest USA. Our members are incentive travel professionals who know from experience that incentive travel drives business results.  The SITE global member community, which represents 84 countries is on a mission to strengthen and inspire this extraordinary industry.

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SITE Chicago President

Diane Murray

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Welcome to SITE Chicago!  The Board of Directors wish to thank you for your interest and support.


For those that have been a part of SITE Chicago’s resurgence in the last few years, you already know how exciting it has been to be a part of a passionate, dedicated group of professionals with a focus on Incentive Travel Excellence. For those looking at SITE Chicago for the first time, we are an association dedicated to our members, industry and destinations.


Our educational and networking events have created a buzz in Chicago and among our peers globally. In January 2018, SITE Chicago was awarded Chapter of the Year for the quality, growth and commitment to our Chapter and industry.  Last month, SITE Chicago was again acknowledged for our achievements with an unprecedented 2 Excellence Awards for Young Leaders and Special Events. These achievements don’t happen without the involvement of our fabulous members and industry friends support – Thank You!


This year, I was chosen by the Board of Directors to carry the torch and continue our Chapter’s success and growth. For our current members, perspective members and friends, I want to assure you that your Board of Directors aims to grow and develop our Chapter’s initiatives.  We will do this through our common goals of educating, networking, supporting and building relationships; while staying focused on strengthening these benefits to our members and industry friends.


I look forward to a productive and successful year. I invite each of you to participate and, most importantly, become involved. It takes a village, no one person can do it alone. I encourage you to become an active participant - the personal and professional rewards are immense.   


I am here to listen, support and assist you in making SITE Chicago your partner in reaching your career and personal goals. My door, email, and phone are always open. I would love to hear from you.


With Warmest Regards,


Diane Murray, CMP, CIS, HMCC

SITE Chicago President


O: 1.847.670.9609  

M: 1.847.757.5021

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Diane Murray


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